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Direct instruction

This lesson took place during Covid level 2.5, while my students were sat in rows and lessons tended to be facilitated with the whole class. The students had started moving on to volume so I gave them this challenge which asked them to construct a box and calculate its volume.

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Things to note

My class is structured so that there are rows of desks, each 1m apart which has altered the way we can collaborate. In this video we are relaunching a problem that we had started the day before, but we had not begun to solve. As such, we didn't need to discuss the problem in much depth at the launch as we had already completed this aspect of problem solving. I attempted to go around to film the students and capture the class discussion, but it was challenging due to the classroom set up. To capture this more clearly, I decided to pull a small group for a quick five minute discussion.


The class are still quite quiet from the lockdown, but these hands-on lessons and class discussions support engagement and learning. This was very different from the style of problem solving that we are accustomed to with small groups, but it was great to still get some discussion going at the end. Being able to construct the box supported my students to understand volume and how it is measured.

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Walt: calculate the volume of a cuboid


Create to Learn

Create and calculate the volume of a cuboid


Share an image of your cuboid on your blog and an explanation of your learning.

Volumetric Problem

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