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This session took soon after we returned to school. We have been working on monitoring our own understanding of texts, as I realised a lot of students were tuning out, particularly in their novels or longer texts. We tend to do a lesson like this once a week, while our other lessons are focussed on specific strategies. For example, this week we were looking at inferencing in our other lessons.

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My class is structured so that there are rows of desks, each 1m apart. I've been taking my lessons by putting my students in rows based on their reading groups, but this would not work on camera. This is why we are sitting in such an odd shape!


Once again, the students returned from lockdown very quiet. I originally filmed a lesson before this, but the students were so quiet it was hard for a microphone to pick them up! The students are still quieter than usual and it is harder to facilitate discussion in our current set up! Despite this, the students thought of some good strategies to support their understanding. They were all able to identify where they got confused in the text and evaluate their reading accurately.

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