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Direct instruction

This session took place entirely online while Auckland was in its second lockdown. As such, there is some asynchronous learning involved. The students started by watching a video introduction, before completing a short series of slides about measurement. There was an opportunity to ask questions and go through the slides together via Google Meet. The learners then completed a create task independently; to measure items in their homes.

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Things to note

As the students are at home I have only shared a fraction of their experiences and involvement, particularly in the Google Meet. The 'learn' component of the lesson; video and slides, are simplified and shorter than what I might offer in class. I have found the students have less time and motivation for their learning over lockdown, so I've accommodated for different needs.


It was a little difficult to get back into the swing of learning for the first day or so, but we were able to get back into our old lockdown routines. It's been great giving the students more opportunity to be creative and use items around the house in this lockdown.

Class Site Content

Walt: use appropriate scales, devices and metric units



Watch the video and complete the slides


A video or series of images of you measuring items in your house


Share your creation on your blog

Meet Measurement

Learner Generated Content


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