Growth Mindset L8.mp4

Y9 Health Class

Learning intention

1) For tauira to have written 6-8 personalised growth mindset statements (GMSs) and decorated a clothes hanger with their statements on them

2) To create a group tik tok with some of their favourite growth mindset statements


This lesson occured during Level 1 in Aotearoa.

Extended plan



Every tauira engaged in the creative process of designing how they would hang/hold onto their growth mindset in the long term. They saw the value of growth mindset statements and also in having a chance to get creative with them. It was great to see that some tauira even brought in objects of personal importance to them that they wanted to decorate instead of the hanger. One cherry on the top for me, was seeing them choose statements that addressed any current fixed mindset way of thinking/acting. It was powerful to be apart of. Alongside this, knowing they can put their creation into their room as a strategy to help maintain their growth mindset everyday is really rewarding.

In another lesson a short while after, tauira loved working in groups to re-create their favourite growth mindset statements for a tik-tok or short video. This provided a chance for them to work together and practice their interpersonal skill development.

Examples of Ngā tauira tik tok's