Gratitude (2) Lesson 6 Final .mp4

Y9 Health Class

Learning intention

Create a gratitude jar & practise how to complete a gratitude reflection using the 'exercise, emotion & extend' process.


This class occurred during Covid-19 Lockdown, when NZ was at Level 4.

Extended plan


Some pictures of student jars here....


Tauira really enjoyed learning about gratitude & how they could practise it regularly through the three Es - Emote, Exercise & Extend. They were really engaged with both the practical kinaesthetic element of decorating & naming their jar alongside taking quiet time to write their first gratitude reflection. As tauira had to ask their whānau for help with finding resources & creating their jar, some whānau got really involved in supporting them from home too. They shared that it was awesome that they could connect over something positive together during lockdown. Tauira shared that they felt uplifted after completing their gratitude reflection & were looking forward to completing more by themselves on a regular basis.

Examples of student blogs here: