Term 2 Video 1 - Gratitude for well-being (9207AC48-3A18-4757-BC62-7060A00EF670).mp4

Y9 Online Health Class

Learning intention

For tauira to collectively learn about gratitude & share their findings collaboratively online.


This class occurred during Covid-19 Lockdown, when NZ was at Level 4.

Extended plan


Extra resources involved:

Reflection - Both the LSRB & the Miro brainstorm worked incredibly well. Being able to choose their own learning style for the research blast not only engaged them, but got them excited learning about gratitude, its benefits & how it could be applied in their daily lives. Throughout the creation of the miro brainstorm students were laughing with each other online and there was lots of discussion as they connected their ideas from different sources together visually. One student said shared that the LSRB "made me focus and concentrate on my work", where another said that using the LSRB & compiling ideas together using the various features on the Miro brainstorm “made the learning a WHOLE lot easier”. I wasn’t sure if the 20 minutes time-frame for the LSRB was going to cause stress for the year 9s, as it would certainly be giving them a challenge, however they said it made they feel less stressed being able to focus on one task and then sharing that back to everyone else. Personally, I also really enjoyed using the Miro brainstorm as I was able to track students ideas & the connections they made. Everybody contributed & felt proud of what they had accomplished which was awesome considering we were not in a shared physical space - a great accomplishment during lockdown.