Screencastify for kaiako 3rd video.mp4

Online Tools #1 - Screencastify

Learning intention

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Aotearoa this lesson has a different format from the first two. Instead of a classroom learning environment, the intention of this video was to provide some guidance around one app that can help support teachers online learning. The app Screencastify can be used to help both teacher practise and student learning through the online medium.

Effectiveness of Screencastify

Tips, Advantages & Disadvantages Sheet


Showing three different ways this app can be used, rather than just showing how to work it was incredibly important to me. This way, kaiako could see practical ways they could use it and adapt those ideas to suit their own needs & the needs of their learners. Hopefully this video provides some insight into manageable ways we can continue to explore online pedagogy.