Final Y9KME Covid19 2L.mp4

Y9 Health Class

Learning intention

For tauira to engage in a mini inquiry around Covid-19.


This class was on the 20th March, a few days before the NZ Government announced a Level 4 lockdown.

Extended plan


Extra resources involved:


Given the fact that we all entered this mini inquiry with nothing more than confusion & curiosity, it was awesome to see the students engaged and inquisitive. It was clear to see they enjoyed working in peers and focusing on one particular question. This really helped some students who struggle academically to stay focused on completing one thing and completing it well. It was unfortunate they didn't get to present their slideshow in real-time, however sharing their findings online in class, generated great discussion in both our online health class & within their own homes. A small act of health promotion prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. Tino pai rawa atu!

Direct Instruction

@ 0.12- 0.34, 2.32 - 4.14

Learning through kõrerorero

@ 0.35 - 1.06, 1.39 - 2.32, 4.26 - 5.02, 5.05 - 7.29, 7.31 - 9.17

Learner generated content

@ 9.38- 9.58

Learner Generated Content - Mini Inquiry Presentation

Covid-19 9KME Class Mini Inquiry Presentation (FPW)