Y13 Video 1 Final - Tues 7th 630p.mp4

Y13 Health Class

Learning intention

For tauira to engage in the research process and find evidence of the effects on well-being from their chosen health condition.

Extended plan


Relates to

AS91463 (3.3) - Written Assessment Task


That tauira were engaged in the research process for the whole lesson is testament to the power of play-dough to start with. Given that its often quite difficult to motivate tauira to research, I was thrilled that they actively participated through-out each step of the lesson. Unsurprisingly, students struggled with the spiritual/taha wairua dimension of well-being as it is often quite complex. Therefore having time to kōrerorero both with students individually and in groups was incredibly important for developing a deeper understanding of the effects on well-being from their health condition.

Direct Instruction

@ 0.02 - 0.25, 105 - 1.44, 2.12 - 205, 3.13 - 3.54

Learning through kõrerorero

@ 0.38 - 1.04, 3.54 - 9.01

Learner generated content

@ 9.02 - 9.51