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Direct Instruction

This lesson shows me in front of the whole Team 2 cohort, introducing them to the Inquiry topic for this term, 'A World of Difference'. We have decided to focus on local landmarks and geography for the first half of the term as this is an obvious knowledge gap in our students.

The task for the students to complete in this lesson:

Find YOUR house using Google Maps and take a screenshot of it!

Extended Lesson Plan


This was a group lesson, taught in a slightly chaotic open space, consisting of the whole team of 80 students. It was an introduction to our topic, and a good way to get a feel of just what prior knowledge the children were bringing to our Inquiry.

As you will see in the video, the children have very little knowledge of New Zealand geography, which reinforces our approach of looking at our place in the world for the beginning of the term. Many children did, in fact, not complete their homework task, so it was a little slow going getting their addresses out to them and entered, but worthwhile nonetheless.

This is the beginning of what will be a series of lessons looking at journeys we take regularly, through the eyes of Google Maps. I’m quite looking forward to teaching it and seeing where it goes!

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Copy of Inquiry Plan - A World of Difference, Find your house.

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