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Creative Arts, Week 2, Term 2, 2020

  • My Learning Area, for Distance Learning is 'Creative Arts'.

This page shows my planning, site content and the wonderful and varied results of the children's creativity at home with their families making use of materials they could find around the house.

We are learning to make puppets and use these to tell stories!


I was very happy, although a little unsure, when I discovered my focus for Distance Learning was on the very open concept of 'Creative Arts'. I was mindful of making content that would be achievable in the children's varied home settings, with the resources they would already have at their disposal, given the inability to source supplies during Lockdown Level 4.

My previous week's activity of making a marble run, was probably a little too ambitious, as there was only minor participation in the activity (as far as I could tell from the feedback that I had received). I love drama and storytelling generally, and so when I thought of creating puppets, my main goal was to enable accessibility to the lesson, by providing as much choice and as many options as possible.

I am really pleased with the mixed results. I feel the children and their families' showed off their ingenuity and creativity marvellously.

Things to Note

Some children communicated that they did not have access to a printer, others that they did not have access to a torch. Many families created little movies but then had trouble uploading and sharing these files with me. I encouraged participation in whatever form it took, which has resulted in a great variation in work produced. Please leave a comment on the children's blogs below!

Class Site Content

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