Blogging for

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for a group of Year 2 children, who had never blogged before, to learn to blog using the Manaiakalani Blogging app on their iPads.


  • The first video on this page outlines the Cybersmart content of how to blog.

  • There is a second video below, that outlines our lesson on superheroes, which formed the content of our first blog posts.

Extended Lesson Plan


I really enjoyed working with this group of learners. They were selected for their higher ability at engaging with literacy tasks, so that they could return to their home classes and become leaders in Blogging for their teachers. They had fantastic attitudes and engagement, which made this lesson more of a success than I believe it would have been if I’d had the whole of my usual class attempting to take part.

Things to Note

It is quite a challenge at the start of Year 2 to get the children learning to Upload to their Drive, let alone blog. It requires teachers to be very realistic in terms of who is ready to start blogging, and what the content of their posts will realistically look like. By the end of Year 2 however, with a group of children helping as leaders, almost all of my class will be able to blog some of their work, somewhat independently.

Class Site Content

Superheroes Unite!

Superheroes Unite!.mov

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