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Direct Instruction

Spot the Difference!

WALT create a spot the difference image by using the tools in Explain Everything on our iPads. These include grouping and ungrouping, arranging layers of images and duplicating.

Extended Lesson Plan


This was a case of a lesson that sounded like a great idea as a concept but I’m not sure I implemented it in the best possible way.

Having said that I had high levels of engagement from the students, and I believe some of the desired Cybersmart skills were learnt and implemented more and more independently. I had quite a few children who chose to make more and more of these pictures when they got time for ‘free choice’.

What was less successful was the quality of their individual images and consistency around my expectations for them. Also, as it was a chaotic end of year season, the resulting blog posts were either absent or brief and unfinished looking.

I look forward to giving this type of lesson another go, perhaps earlier in the year when I’m a little fresher and I have more time to put into the students’ outcomes.

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