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Direct Instruction

This episode is focussed on upskilling some of the students in my class who were unable to connect from home and join us in our Google Meets lessons over the lockdown period earlier this year. The children learn to mute and unmute their microphones, point the cameras at their faces, contribute to the chat box and wait to be dismissed by the teacher at the end of the lesson.

Extended Lesson Plan


This lesson was actually surprisingly enjoyable! I am pleased that the students I saw will be able to join in with their online learning if we need to go back to a distance learning model again. They all became proficient at muting and unmuting their microphones which is the most important thing for a smooth running lesson.


Two iPads were identified as having problems connecting. It looks like getting the Google Meet app pushed out on all the iPads should solve this problem however.


We used this activity from to practice muting and unmuting our microphones while taking turns.

Learner Generated Content

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