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This episode shows me teaching a whole team lesson, during Level 2 of Lockdown. It is a lesson with a number of purposes, including finishing off our 'World of Difference' topic, as well as learning some CyberSmart skills such as Smart Searching questions to find out information. It was also intended to be a fun experience to finish off the term. I know I enjoyed playing "Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?"

Extended Lesson Plan


This lesson was a little bit chaotic, but a lot of fun! Unfortunately, with the year we have had in 2020, we didn't get to complete our Inquiry topic based on landmarks around the world. I was very pleased with the students' level of interest and engagement throughout this task, as there were challenging aspects to the task!

Once we got through the first Clue, Smart Search, and Journey, the rest of the lesson (not included above) was much faster to get through.


I am still recovering from my traumatic knee injury in this video which is why I am hobbling about. The second part of the lesson is included below, in case you are interested in finding out how we discovered Carmen Sandiego's location, as well as the follow-up task that was set.

As this lesson occurred very much at the end of Term 3, there wasn't a lot of available time for the students to finish and blog their tasks unfortunately.

Supplementary Content

Carmen Sandiago Part

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Carmen sandiego

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