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Direct Instruction

This lesson shows me teaching our team of 80 children, in a whole class scenario, during Level 2.5 conditions in Auckland. This poses some difficulties in workshopping and providing 1:1 support during a Writing lesson, so I endeavoured to create a fun and engaging lesson that could motivate all children to attempt and complete their work.

It also provides room for children of all writing abilities to attempt, and excel at their learning, with an exciting goal of movie making for our Manaiakalani Film Festival, for the top achievers.

Extended Lesson Plan


This lesson was the beginning of what was supposed to become a series of Writing lessons over the course of the week. You will see on the plan the goal that I had for the children to storyboard their movie idea, using either online tools or traditional pencil on paper. Unfortunately, I injured myself rather dramatically the following morning and was absent from school for more than 2 weeks! This is why you will see minimal success at the students sharing their stories on their blog posts.


The following episode, at the beginning of Term 4, is related to this one. It shows us turning some of the more successful story ideas into little movies using Explain Everything on the iPads.

Class Site Content

The song we began the lesson with to get into our superhero frame of mind!

Learner Generated Content

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