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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the children to recognise and use initial letter sounds when reading a text at Level 3 (Red).

Extended Lesson Plan


I am still familiarising myself with the individual learning needs of members of this group. It was interesting to note who has more confident high frequency word recognition and letter-sound knowledge. None of the children were confident with the letter sound 'n', which became obvious when we were looking for the word 'not' on the wall.

Things to Note

I had only been reading with this group of children for one week before filming this lesson, so we are still getting to know each other at this stage. Unfortunately, there is a bit of background noise in this video, which can't always be helped in our big shared, four-classroom space.

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Link to Miss Trish Hockly's Explain Everything Activity here.

The song the children know, which you hear us singing a little from on the video.

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