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Direct Instruction

In this lesson you will see how we are planning for and providing support and feedback in maths during the lockdown. The learning focus on understanding place value addition. This episode is very special because it was filmed with one of my co-teachers Sharisse Scanlan. I want to thank her for joining me in this episode and for openly sharing the content she created.

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Extended Lesson Plan


I love the way this lesson has parts that build on each other and shows a different voice than just me all the time. The way we are running our space during lockdown is that different teachers are taking on different roles in terms of planning. This allows us to make sure the planning is high quality and has a greater level of though behind it has we navigate the challenges of distance learning. It also means that as some teachers go back into the classroom at level 3 the learning content does not change and those doing distance learning are not disrupted.

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  • We are learning how to add tens and ones.

  • We are learning to use a hundreds chart to count in tens.

Distance Learning Maths

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