COA 6- Making a plant .mp4

Direct Instruction

In this lesson you will see how I am planning for and providing support and feedback in reading during the lockdown. The learning focus is on careful reading and creation based on the texts that they have read. Texts were carefully selected so that all learning levels were focused on the same topic.

Extended Lesson Plan


All in all I think this lesson went well. The children created some really awesome plants from both natural and man made objects. They also describe these in detail. It is interesting seeing how different children attack the tasks without teacher support. I am loving the hard work and commitment from a number of children in the class. I am still wondering how to get more engagement from those we have not seen on the Google Meets or Blogs yet. However after more phone calls I am certain they are still doing the learning just in a more mix model using paper to complete the distance learning.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning to read carefully.

  • We are learning about plants.

Distance Learning Reading

Learner Generated Content

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