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This is not so much a lesson but an explanation of how my team and I have run a holiday learning journey to keep learning going during the moved up holiday. We aimed to provide options for families and children that were fun, open and able to be repeated with a different outcome each time. This is inspired by the summer learning journey.

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Holiday learning is so much fun. While it has been a bit of work and trying to comment on every post has meant checking my emails very regularly. I have loved every minute of this journey and I feel the children have as well. I have smiled, laughed and even felt a great sense of pride as I watched and connected with blog posts over this time. I have added to the learning journey and seen those additions come to life in the post posts of children. While I can not say this program has been a part of ever child's learning the children who have engaged exceeded expectations with their creativity and drive

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  • We are learning to engage with learning in the holiday and share our creativity on our blogs.

Holiday Learning Journey

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