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Direct Instruction

This lesson has two parts that happened on different days. We were learning to describe what we had seen in our writing. Then the following day we learnt to explain why it happened by reading and acting.

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This class love science, they like to think, predict and see. They love exploring new ideas and concepts that people might see as advanced for year 3. We had so much fun in these lessons. What I found most interesting is the fact that they struggled at first to explain why without teacher support. They knew why and could tell me but when alone in their group they would keep going back to what they did and how.

Things to note:

We are still getting use to filming and there are a few angels and recording moments that look odd watching it back.

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  • We are learning to describe what we saw in a detailed paragraph.

  • We are learning to view and read simple science texts to help us explain why something happened.

Magic Milk Describe and Explain

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