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Direct Instruction

In this lesson focus on oral language, visual and written literacy. In the lesson children are learning to write a paragraph to share our opinion. They will also design and describe a dog costume. This lesson came out of my own life experience and provide a great context to share about my own life with the children and give them the opportunity to create.

Extended Lesson Plan


This lesson was so much fun and the children just loved the costumes and talking about my dog. They loved making their own costumes and they all had very creative ideas. I found that by providing a group of my struggling writers with cut up sentences they were exposed to language they wouldn't normally use and this helped them to stay engaged. By having different activities for learners to connect with the learning intention.

Things to notes:

Please note this lesson was filmed from a different angle and this meant that I could not always be seen when I was talking.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning how to write a paragraph to share our opinion.

  • We are learning to design and describe a dog costume.

Barty's costume

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