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Direct Instruction

In this lesson was filmed in week 6 of term 3 during Covid 19 alert level 3 restrictions in Auckland. This lesson was run as an optional worksop for children who wished to part of the planning team for our film festival movie. We had an idea we were going to film prior to Lockdown but due to time restraints we has to change our idea dramatically and we wanted to draw on our experiences.

Extended Lesson Plan


This lesson was different again from teaching in class and from other distance workshops I have run. It was nice to be able to fully involve children in the planning and story boarding for our movie. The lesson focused solely on open discussion and thinking critically about our own ideas. If we do that will 90% of the movie be us walking to school? It was nice to be able to have this conversation though it was dominated by one learner who become our director due to his passion for the project. The others however listened eagerly and felt they had a role in the planning process.

Things to notes:

Please note this lesson is different due to the number of children, also the student who arrived are very different in the roles they play in conversations. Please not student created content links to film festival more generally and was completed at level 2.5 as there was not specific learning task after the lesson, student content may not be from the student who were in this lesson. There were not specific slides for this lesson the planning Explain Everything along with the Film Festival movie will be linked after they are shared in November.

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  • We are planning our film festival movie ready to start when we return to school.

  • We are learning to reflect on the filming and film festival experience.

Film Festival

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