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Direct Instruction

In this lesson was filmed in week 6 of term 3 during Covid 19 alert level 3 restrictions in Auckland. This lesson was run as an optional worksop for children who wished to extend their knowledge of maths particularly multiplication with larger numbers. Due to the lesson being optional I only had two children attend but this did not stop lots of learning from happening.

Extended Lesson Plan

Copy of Maths game.MP4

Maths Games

This video, shows and explains the games we played at the beginning of the lesson

Copy of Maths workshop .MP4

Rewindable Learning

This Video shows a recording made on Explain Everything of us working through some of the example problems.


This lesson was different again from teaching in class and from other distance workshops I have run. What was interesting was that even though only two children turned up and two children with very different learning needs, we were able to work together and all learn something new. I loved being able to use the two devices to capture, share and engage children in the learning. Using Explain Everything and screen sharing from the iPad really helped to link the learning back to what we do in the classroom and capture it is a rewindable way for the learners who were not there. I also want to state that I almost didn't share this lesson due to only have two children turn up but I realised that as teachers we carry on and teach to the needs of those in front of us and their needs.

Things to notes:

Please note this lesson is different due to the number of children but also the fact that the children had different needs. I also want to note that this lesson has multiple parts. Please note that the student created content is not all from children who were at the workshop. As the workshop learning extended on the learning for all children.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning to quickly share multiplication facts.

  • We are learning to multiply 1 and 2 digit numbers using our knowledge of place value and multiplication facts.

Maths workshop

Learner Generated Content

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