Part 1: Reading a Poem

Poetry Workshop part 1.mp4

Direct Instruction

In this lesson was filmed in week 5 of term 2 during Covid 19 alert level 3 restrictions in Auckland. This lesson was run as an optional worksop for children who wished to extend their knowledge of poetry reading and writing. The format I have chosen to share this lesson in is slightly different. You will find three videos that share snippets of the three main sections of the lesson. Part 1 introduction and the poem this is just over 5mins in order to show the discussion about the main idea of the poem. Part 2 unpacking words in the poem using the mixed words game and the chat. Part 3 writing a poem based on what we see in the world- shapes.

Extended Lesson Plan

Part two: Unpacking words

Mixed Words.mp4

Part 3: Writing a poem



This lesson made me feel like a teacher again during this lockdown. It has been hard to find the balance between effective planning, checking in on student well-being, providing feedback and teaching new content in this online only teaching model that comes with lockdown. This lesson while not having great attendance felt like a true lesson which lots of new learning discussion and idea sharing. The children all had a voice, all be it that some children choose to have their voice more orally well others in the chat. I really enjoyed this lesson and plan to run more like it across the curriculum next week.

Things to notes:

I have used two different video recordings for this episode. The recording of the Google Meet with names block out (This is the view students would see as they tend to use tablets and phones and as so do not have access to grid view). I also used a screencast of my screen during the lesson. This shows how I managed the lesson as a teacher using slit screen mode. Some of the learner created content comes from students who did not attend the workshop but did complete the learning task as the workshop was optional.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning to read and discuss poetry so that we understand the deeper message in the text.

  • We are learning to use things we see everyday to write poems.

Poetry Workshop
Poetry Workshop Draw a poem/Game
Poetry Workshop- Shape Poem

Learner Generated Content

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