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In this lesson was filmed in term 2. It was a follow on from the last art lesson and looked at our journey as people and how we can't achieve everything on our own. In this lesson we take the opportunity to thank those closest to us through writing and art.

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This lesson actually made me quite emotional. Reading the letters to people they loved who have helped them on their journey was touching, they all had some lovely things to save. On the whole this lesson was amazing. The children were so engaged they didn't want to stop writing. Then they felt a real sense of purpose creating the art. The art however had a lot of little bits to it and some of the class found this very challenging as it meant spending time waiting for ours.

Things to notes:

I am sorry yet again the sound quality is not ideal and the class next door can be heard who are doing very different learning. Note that the lesson has two connected parts.

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  • We are learning to Write a letter.

  • We are learning to use the sentence types we discussed yesterday.

  • We are learning to create a piece of art to show the people we are grateful for.

Oh the place's you'll go

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