Covid 19 Art Project.mp4

Direct Instruction

In this lesson was filmed in term 2 in the days following the move to alert level 1. I was a lesson focused on art and capturing the feelings we had about Covid-19 and celebrating the place were had come to. In the lesson children learned abut colours, brush techniques and the fact the art is created to share a message.

Extended Lesson Plan


I loved teaching this lesson perhaps even more than the children enjoyed making their art. We had so much fun and it felt like a positive way to capture the changes that had occurred in our world over recent months and brighten up our classroom at the same time. Well at moments it felt very full on managing 23 children dye all at once the rotation system I had in place worked well and meant we had time to create two beautiful creative works of art in one block.

Things to notes:

The class next door were doing maths and counting as a whole space and this can be clearly heard in the video. This video is longer than I would normally produce due to the many layers to the lesson why two art piece as well as much discussion.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning about colours and how to use warm and cool colours together.

  • We are learning to create art that expresses our experiences.

  • We are learning to use different brush techniques with the dye.

Covid 19 Art

Learner Generated Content

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