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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to communicate ideas and information effectively using a variety of media.

This was the final learning sequence for our terms inquiry which focussed on identity. We had explored different aspects of identity throughout the term and in this session we discussed the way that others perceive who we are.

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I really enjoyed this series of lessons. The children really enjoyed the first story (The Bear That Wasn't) and were very engaged in the mask making. It was great to be able to take our discussions about identity to the next level and to be able to create something that incorporated everything that we had learnt over the course of the term, but that only took a couple of lessons to complete. There were a few times that I stumbled over some words and should have self corrected to model good English for my students!

Things to note

Due to the personal nature of the topic (identity), I chose to limit the filming of some of the students activities and just used one student exemplar for the stereotype activity.

This series of lessons were intended to be delivered to the whole class (as it was in the first clip), yet I had to take the poetry session twice as half of my class were absent on one of the days due to sports tournaments and trips. The class is a little noisier than usual towards the end as there was lots of sharing of resources happening as they made the masks.

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WALT: Communicate ideas and information effectively using a variety of media



Unpack the texts with your classmates, what are the authors main messages about identity?

Think of the words that describe your mask and true Identity


A mask that represents who you are. On one side include the components of your identity that are clear to people when they first meet you and on the other illustrate the things that are lesser known.


Share a picture of your mask on your blog

Presentation Template

We Wear the Mask

The Bear That Wasn't

We Wear the Mask

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