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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to identify how verbal and visual features combine to convey mood. We started by learning about the features of static image, including font and colour. After completing our reading lessons, the students created a static image in response to the text.

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The students were interested in learning about static image, particularly creating their own. I really enjoyed discussing the text; I thought the students did really well to unpack the key themes.

Things to note

This video contains snippets from a range of lessons. It reminded me of the beginning of the year; we discuss what the expectations are for create tasks and teach the children to use the tool itself. We spent a few days learning about static images before being able to use it.

The set up of my teaching and style has slightly changed, as this lesson was filmed mostly with year 8 students, who I am preparing for college.

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WALT: identify how verbal and visual features combine to convey mood



Discuss the elements of a static image (e.g. image selection/ placement, colour)

After discussing each element, create a short description or image to solidify your understanding of it

Read The Fly by Katherine Mansfield


A static image in response to 'The Fly'


Share your static image on your blog

An Intro to Static Image

The Fly Video

The Fly Slides

The Fly - Katherine Mansfield

Static Image - NCEA

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