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The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to justify their thinking and collaborate with a group. This is an integrated week long inquiry that focusses on resources and trade. We started the week discussing trade, before we moved on to looking at statistics regarding the resources that different countries possess.

NB: This video features the introduction to the unit, which features more social studies. I selected this unit to recap a topic that we covered in term 1 and to support my students to get better at sharing their ideas.

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The students were really excited to participate in the trading game and I had to stop to calm them several times. However, it was fantastic seeing the children all participating and discussing their ideas . I was quite unwell while filming and I think this shows at parts of the video, but my students raved about this lesson later and I would really encourage others to use this as a springboard for statistics.

Things to note

This was the first time the girls have been filmed for Class OnAir and you can tell that they are quite shy in the first two clips. I filmed this over a couple of days so there was a lot to cut out, but my intention was still to capture the framework of the lesson.

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WALT: justify our thinking



Discuss the concept of trade and the fact that different countries have different resources

Play the 'trade game', experience being a fictional country and trade with others


Consider your experience in the trade game and write a reflection of your learning on your blog


Share your reflection on your blog


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