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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to identify the key features of a scientific report and apply them to their writing. We started by watching a video of the scientific method and reading exemplars, before conducting our own experiment.

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The students really enjoyed participating in the experiment and it provided real engagement for my reluctant writers. They also enjoyed writing the experiment section by section as it broke down the task. I was a little flustered to start and didn't talk about writing the aim of the experiment, but I pulled the students back down as I realised!

Things to note

We had some trouble filming this lesson; the camera died halfway and my phone was a little shaky at the end, so please excuse changes in quality. I also wanted to encourage a few students in particular to speak up in this session, as they are usually quieter but I felt they could really excel in this context. You may notice me drawing on them more than others for this reason.

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WALT: identify the key features of a scientific report and apply them to our writing.



Watch the Scientific Method and read the exemplars

Discuss the features of a scientific repot

Conduct a scientific experiment


Create your own scientific report


Share your creation on your blog

Science Experiment

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The Experiment

Scientific Method

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