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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to use reciprocal reading to make sense of a text.

This lesson took place early in term one when I was establishing the reading programme for my class. This video shows the second time that I introduced reciprocal reading to this group; we were still focussed on the framework of reciprocal reading and getting used to the various roles.

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Often when I establish reciprocal reading, I start by taking the role of the boss and gradually reduce my participation over the first few lessons so that the students confidently lead the sessions. In this session, a few of the students had really grasped the concept of reciprocal reading and followed the process with ease. However, I should have recapped the norms for reciprocal reading before we started the lesson (for example, one person speaking at once and for the students to call upon people who haven't spoken as much), as some students participated far more than others. We also forgot to start by making predictions about the text as per the usual format of reciprocal reading.

Things to note

This was quite a large reading group and it was not until after filming that I realised I had cut two boys out of the shot! I read with the group for about 20-25 minutes, but I have tried to cut the video down to show the main components of the lesson.

Class Site Content

Walt: make connections between texts by exploring the ideas presented within them



Use reciprocal reading to make sense of the texts.

Identify the important information from within the text to enable you to summarise it


Compare the themes raised in the two texts using a Venn Diagram. Then write a response to the texts to discuss your opinion of the issues presented within them.

Is this still a concern for students today? You could type this, make slides or use screencastify to record your opinion


Share your response on your blog.

Presentation Template

The Doll's House

Comparing Texts


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