T3-Reading (Red Squirrel Yellow 2 Level 7)

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to self monitor their reading by checking if their attempts make sense using various strategies, for example, confirming and discounting, breaking words into parts, using knowledge of blends, middle sounds and endings. I have used Dr. Gwenneth Phillips Literacy Programme (Picking up the pace, First chance) for teaching guided reading.

The video shows a guided reading session with 3 children in a group. They are reading a Yellow 2, Level 7 PM reader.

Extended plan here.


Site Reflection

I am pleased with this reading lesson. I am so proud of the students in this group and how far they have come along in their reading. We had an interesting discussion during the orientation of the book with children bringing in their prior knowledge- this hooked the learners and created a positive setting during our reading session. The learners are making connections with previous books being read like, Snowy gets a wash for snow falling and Hedgehog is hungry for the squirrel curled up in a ball to keep warm.They used the meaning story and visual clues to help them read some unknown words. The learners are using known strategies to work out unknown words. I am noticing that what I am doing in Writing (revising sounds, word chunks, using word families, endings- for eg. you know come so write some) supports the learners when they reading.The focus for children reading at Yellow, Level 6 7 and 8 is, confirming and discounting however during this reading lesson an error that required the prompt did not come up. The children in this group have some good strategies, they monitoring their reading and making self corrections. This is pleasing to see.

Class Site Content


  • Self Monitor my reading by checking if my attempts make sense by using various strategies.

Explain Everything Activity:(EE)

  • Use the magnetic letters to make the word 'run ' ( focus word).

  • Practise writing other words that look like run for eg. ran runs

  • Practise word families for eg. can ran man van, run sun fun .

  • Complete EE project on iPad.

Practise writing words on whiteboard

Attribution to Michelle George for the

EE Project

Practise writing words on your iPad

Learner Generated Content .... done


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