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The learning intention for this lesson was for learners, was to work collaboratively and share their mathematical thinking to the group. They needed to find various/different ways of counting the apples in the tray. The video shows a guided DMiC Maths session with 8 children in a group. They are grouped according to mixed abilities. A few children in the group can identify numbers up to 100 and count in 2’s up to 20. The other children are working on identifying numbers up to 20 and can count one to one on materials.

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I am very pleased with this lesson. The children worked well with their partners. I think that the use of images provides opportunities for every learner to engage with the learning. I noticed children that often struggle counting forwards to 20 having a go at counting. There partners were supporting them with their counting by tracking/pointing to the numbers on the hundreds chart and when they got stuck they would ask their partners for help. I watched children monitor their counting, use resources around the classroom to support them, talking to their partners and asking for help from each other. They would look across the table and see what others were doing to see and make comparisons. It was a very successful lesson and I did not anticipate for this group of children to find so many ways to count the apples. Although children grouped in 2’s, 3’s 5’s and 10’s many of them started counting in 2’s but then went back to one to one counting. There are lots of gaps in number knowledge. I will continue to work on word problems but will also be putting more focus on number knowledge.

The lesson was longer than what I expected. There was a high level of engagement and lots of learning. The children were focused and on task and this is why I made a judgement call and continued with the lesson, however I will be aware of this in the future.

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Share my mathematical thinking to my group by counting and finding out “How many apples are there altogether?” Find various ways to count the apples.

Explain Everything Activity:

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  • Facts to 10 activity

  • Doubles activity

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