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The learning intention for this lesson was to share an idea using a visual image as a resource to support writers. The focus is on learning to write down an idea using words I know and attempting to record some sounds I can hear in unknown words.

Rewindable Learning: The children in this group use their iPads to record their ideas. I found this as a useful tool especially with juniors. They have interesting ideas to share however experience difficulty holding onto all their ideas in their heads. As children become confident and independent writers they may no longer need to record their ideas. In this video you will see a guided writing session with 3 children in a group.They are emergent writers.

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I am pleased with this lesson.This term the children in Team 1 have been learning about bees. The children in the group already had some ideas and prior knowledge about bees. The visual image was a good idea as it encouraged children to focus on one idea/theme/concept. They all had ideas to share and at one point were all talking on top of each other. Compared to my first video in Term 1 I am beginning to notice that the children are growing in confidence and are beginning to express what they’re thinking. I found the audio recording on their iPads very helpful especially for children having difficulty retaining all the words for their sentence. Children have to listen and record, think what comes next. They were good at listening and trying to record the words they heard.( You said ____ did you write_____.) Does your sentence match with what you’re saying? I think I will continue with Listen Say and Write and Dictation as I can see it working and improving children writing.

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Share and express an idea using topic related vocabulary. Use my letter sound knowledge to write unknown words. Read my sentence to see if it makes sense

Explain Everything Activity:(EE)

  • Listen Say and Write - dictated text to help learners write basic words fluently and attempt to hear and record some unknown sounds.

  • Word worm- practising high frequency words.

  • Letter of the week

Explain Everything activity.

Attribution to Ms. Hockly.

Explain Everything activity.

Attribution to Stephanie Speck.

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