T2 Reading The merry go round.mp4

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to fix a mistake that we made as we were reading.

The focus is on learning to reread and think not to actually try fixing yet. I have used Dr. Gwenneth Phillips Literacy Programme (Picking up the pace, First chance) for teaching guided reading.

The video shows a guided reading session with 3 children in a group. They are reading a Red 1, Level 3 PM reader.

Extended plan here.


I am quite pleased with this lesson. There was a high level of engagement during the book orientation and children enjoyed talking about their personal experiences on a merry go round. The children are starting to monitor their reading. They are responding to the prompt: “You said ___ can you see___”. They are self correcting with prompting from the teacher but I am hoping that they will be able to do this independently in the future. The children are using expression when reading and I can see that when I praise children immediately for expression they continue to read with expression right to the end which is awesome. They a confident group and work well together. I am hoping to push them up into Level 6 Yellow 1 quickly.

Class Site Content


  • Fix a mistake that we made as we were reading.

Explain Everything Activity:(EE)

  • Complete Explain everything activity for: The merry- go- round.

Explain Everything Project- Attribution M. George

Classroom activities:

  • Children practise writing word families on whiteboard.

Learner Generated Content