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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to use the tools within Explain Everything to be able to create projects and complete tasks that will promote and enhance their learning. We focussed on 'How can I be a Smart Learner?'

At the beginning of the year all learners start with the Kawa of care routines (iPad Safety Guidelines). The Year One children have structured whole class lessons over a few weeks (about 4-6 weeks)

The video lesson shows you :

-3 short tutorials of 3 lessons done in the first 3 weeks in Term 1. These lessons were done as whole class lessons but I have only one child in the video modelling the whole process to make it easier for beginning teachers or teachers that have just started using iPads in Junior classes.

-The fourth lesson shows a video of a group of children accessing the class site for the first time and completing an activity using the skill 'copy and paste.'

Extended plan here.


I am very pleased with all our iPads sessions. The children loved watching the Kawa of Care -iPad Safety video and this made it easier to set up our own classroom rules. The children found taking photo's and drawing shapes easy however they found duplicating, copying and pasting images difficult so we took more time learning this skill. We had 2 whole class lessons over two weeks. I tried to provide opportunities in other areas of learning where they could practise this. I did not rush into the next part of our learning which was copying and pasting until I was confident that majority of the children knew how to duplicate. At this early stages I feel that it is important to go slow and work according to the learners ability. I always encourage children to work in groups or pairs as they can support and help each other. I decided to teach the skill copy and paste in small groups as this is a hard skill and has many steps. I can focus on learners needs in small groups.In the first few weeks I will continue to provide children with opportunities and activities that will involve the skills duplicate, copy and paste. The more they practise the better they will get at it.

Class Site Content


  • Use the tools within Explain Everything app to create projects and complete activities.

Explain Everything Activity:(EE)

  • Create project and take a photo of

  • Create a project and draw 3 rectangles

  • Create a project, take a photo of and duplicate that image

  • Download an EE activity through the class site and copy and paste images to match the number on each page.

Learner Generated Content


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