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Direct Instruction: DMiC Maths

The learning intention for this lesson was for learners to work collaboratively, share their mathematical thinking and find different ways to solve the problem.

This is our school's second year of implementing DMiC Maths (Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities). It is a problem solving based approach and learners are grouped according to mixed ability.

The video shows a guided Maths session with 8 children in a group. They are grouped according to mixed abilities. I have them working in pairs because we are still setting up the group norms and culture. I find this method easier to manage, especially when working with the juniors. This may change as during the course year.

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I am very pleased with this lesson. This was my 3rd DMiC lesson with half the class and I think it went really well. We managed to find another way of solving the problem which I had not anticipated and children were focussed on the task. There was a high level of engagement and we were so engrossed with this session that I forgot about the camera after a while. After watching the video I realised that I talk to much and need to give children more thinking and talking time before I jump in. I noticed that a few children find it difficult to work in pairs, they remained silent, one child did all the work whereas some children just wanted to get to the answer. Based on my findings,I will continue to work on setting up the classroom norms and encourage/set up activities where children can work in pairs/ groups. This will be done for all areas of learning.

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  • Share my mathematical thinking to my group by finding various ways to solve the word problem.

Activities that build on number knowledge:

Explain Everything activities: (children create projects on their iPad) by:

    • Taking a photo of a number and write the number that comes before that number. Create 8 pages for this project.

    • Take a photo of a number and write the number that comes after that number. Create 8 pages for this project.

    • Take a photo of two dice and add the dots on the dice- write the answer. Create 8 pages for this project.

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