Direct Instruction Writing

The learning intention for this lesson was for children to be able to share their ideas to others in the group.

I have used Dr. Gwenneth Phillips Literacy Programme (Picking up the pace, First chance) for teaching instructional reading.

The video shows a guided instructional writing lesson with 3 children in a group. They are emergent writers.

Extended plan here.


I am very pleased with this lesson. I can see that the children are growing in confidence and beginning to share their ideas to the group.I noticed that children took a long time to find the words on the alphabet card, they would sing (is the am to) and go right past the word we were looking for. They were not using their letter sound knowledge to find words. I will be working on this over the next few weeks with the whole class. I also noticed that there were confusions with a, are in both writing and reading.

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  • Share an idea to the group by speaking in full sentence.

  • Find words and letter sounds on the butterfly cards to help write a co-constructed sentence.

Follow up tasks:

  • Children find the word (are) on the alphabet care and write it down using correct letter formation and DOS ( direction, orientation and sequencing of letters.). This can be done on paper or on their iPads.

  • Children in the group copy the co-constructed sentence in their writing books and draw a picture to match their story.

  • Learners can practise writing lowers case letters, capital letters, numbers and words on a paper.

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