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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to share an idea using a visual image as a resource to support writers. The focus is on learning is to share an express ideas using topic related vocabulary, writing interesting sentences by adding lots of detail. Children take a photo of the brainstorm on their iPads to use as a resource for their writing. In this video you will see a whole class discussion followed by a group lesson. The 5 children in this group are independent writers.

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It’s Term 4 and very pleasing to see that all the skills strategies, prompts, classroom norms for learning that has been taught during the year come together in this wonderful lesson. As I was editing the video I couldn’t help myself to replay and rewind the footage, look and listen to the conversations and ideas flowing so naturally from my children. It was really hard editing, thinking which parts to keep or delete.We had rich discussions and conversations. I like the part where some of the children thought the whale was a mermaid and during the sharing back the girls had a little laugh.We had a good question where one girl said “ What does erupting mean?” I am noticing how the DMiC norms are being used in all areas of learning whether it’s working with the teacher, classmates or independently.This is a huge bonus and an effective practise which I will most definitely continue to use. Rewindable learning: Children take a photo of the brainstorm on their ipads to use as a resource to support students write words and copy letters. Having the image and words on their screens in front of them is a powerful learning tool. Children are able to zoom the pictures, words and letters. I have found this very useful for students that have difficulty focussing, retaining, remembering words, letters and even forming letters correctly. I would often zoom in on a word and highlight the letters or circle the words that children needed. Children no longer needed to walk to the board trying to copy one word/letter only to forget it once they got to their table. Sound bites can be used for words/word groups and phrases to the to support the text. This is accessed by learners through their class site. I am thinking of using sound bites to support the text and will start implementing this next year.

Class Site Content

Walt: We are learning to share an express ideas using topic related vocabulary, writing interesting sentence by adding lots of detail.

Explain Everything:

  • Take a photo of brainstorm

  • Add sound bites to support text and link it to the class site for children to access.

Learner Generated Content.


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