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The learning intention for this lesson was for learners to explore place value. The students will be showing you what each digit represents focussing on Tens and Ones using digital resources and materials. The video shows a guided Maths session with 6 children in a group. They are grouped according to mixed abilities. A few children in the group can solve addition and subtraction word problems up to 100 by counting on and counting back from the biggest number. All children can count in 10’s to 100.

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I really enjoyed doing this video. I have used this video before which made things easy and therefore the lesson flowed really nicely. I love the interactive video and detailed explanation of digits, tens one and house rules. I am glad that I paused the video at certain parts to ensure we all understood the concepts taught. The unifix blocks was an excellent resource as children could make comparisons, match and take notice. There was a high level of engagement, children were focussed, motivated and we had some good laughs. The children shake their card when house rules were broken. While editing the video I noticed children self correcting, helping each other, reminding each other to ‘Follow the Rules’. It was nice to refer back to the video so I took myself out of the picture and encouraged children to view the resource.’It’s not me making all this up. You have to follow the rules.’ The children started using the mathematical language and concepts which was pleasing to see. A lovely lesson showing rewindable learning- I downloaded the video off YouTube and linked it to my Class Site for children to access to support them with their learning.

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Walt: We are learning to explore place value. We will be showing what each digit represents focussing on Tens and Ones using concrete and digital resources (unifix cubes)

Explain Everything:

  • Take a photo showing how many tens and ones in the number 28. Resources: Tens and Ones card and unifix cubes.

  • Use the images (Tens and Ones blocks) to make the number 46.

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