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The learning intention for this lesson was for children use the information from their PM reader and what they already know, to create a project on their iPads using Explain Everything and then share their learning with others. Prior to creating and the students already had prior knowledge of how to use the tools within Explain Everything. There are 4 students in this group and they are all reading at Orange 2 Level 16.

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The children reading at this level are confident and independent learners. They enjoyed reading the book, Taking Care of Ourselves because the content was familiar and interesting.They could link and make connections to what they were reading to their lives.The reader had a contents and index page which some children in the group have seen before(older siblings books, magazines, parents books) but did not understand what it meant. We had a lovely, rich discussion as a group however when it was time to create a booklet/project on their iPads this information went viral in our classroom. Other children were asking the students about what they were doing and wanted to take a photo of them. I could hear children saying ‘ look on this page it says (Time to rest) so you have to take a photo of me resting. Their buddy would look at the reader, the words, the images. Then I noticed them working together, sharing ideas of the photo’s they needed to take. They were laughing and giggling, other children got involved , as others stood by and watched.They copied each other or copied by looking at the illustrations in the book. It just wasn’t 4 children reading at Orange Level 16 creating this project but partners/groups of children some who could not even read the text but used the illustrations or would ask “What does that say?” The whole class was engaged and indirectly learning as well. It was a beautiful sight. Others asked: ‘ When are we going to do what they’re doing. Is it our turn now?’ So will most definitely do a similar task but this time it will involve the whole class. I will probably need to do mixed groupings and leave it to the children to see what they come up with.

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Walt: Use the information from our PM reader and what we already know, to create a project on our iPads using Explain Everything and then share our learning with others.

Explain Everything:

  • Add a new project and give it a title 'Taking care of myself.'

  • Add five pages.

  • Choose 5 titles form your reader.

  • You can take a photo or draw pictures write sentences for each title showing the different ways you can take care of yourself.

  • Ask friends/teacher to help you support with this project.

Learner Generated Content.



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