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The learning intention for this lesson was for learners write a set of instructions to program the Bee Bot. The lesson incorporated Digital technologies with our Inquiry Focus ‘Telling stories through Dance and Drama. A grid, pictures, images and the Bee Bots (supplied by OMG Tech) were used as a resource, to tell the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” The video shows a guided lesson starting with a group of 6 children and them moves into a whole class lesson. Students use their decomposition skills to break down simple non-computerised tasks into precise step-by-step instructions (algorithmic thinking). They give these instructions, identify any errors in them as they are followed, and correct them (simple debugging).

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This was another fantastic lesson incorporating Digital Technologies with our Inquiry Focus ‘Telling stories through Dance and Drama. At first when I was given the idea of ‘writing instructions for the Bee bots’ I thought the task could present a number of difficulties but I wanted to give it a go anyway. I selected the story of “The Three Little Pigs” as the children loved the chorus scenes and had a good prior knowledge of the best loved well known, fairy tale. The children writing the instructions are independent writer’s and are reading at Orange 1 Level 16 so I knew they were capable of writing the instructions. My initial idea was that, they write the instructions, then follow the instructions, and program the bee bot, and when the Bee Bot lands on the image they narrate, chorus, act out the part, but I think I was being too ambitious. When I reflect on it, this lesson involved a lot of skills: children had to think of a story to tell, set the pictures in the correct sequence on the grid, think of instructions to write about, write short sentences, write them in logical order, spell the words correctly, tell directions, program the Bee Bot, delete the previous command on the Bee Bot before giving it a new command.This was our first attempt at writing instructions and upon viewing and editing the video I think that all the children were amazing. As I edited this video, I kept revisiting certain parts.It made me and a few of my colleagues laugh. I hope that you enjoy watching children trying to complete the task just like I did. We had some good reflections captured on the video lesson from the learners. I think that as we practise it will get easier and because the children work so well together they will teach and support each other. Reflecting on the learning successes I had in Term 3 and Term 4 I will most definitely start Digital Technologies with the Bee Bots in Term 1, next year. I will continue talking to colleagues and OMG tech to support me in this area, because just like the children this is a new learning curve for me as well.

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We are learning to write a set of instructions to program the Bee Bots. Use a grid, pictures, images and the Bee Bots (supplied by OMG Tech) as a resource, to tell a story.


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