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The learning intention for this lesson was for learners to work collaboratively, share their mathematical thinking and find a way to measure the length of a table using equipment found in the classroom for eg. counters, popsicle sticks, unifix cubes etc.

The video shows a guided Maths lesson with 8 children in a group. They are grouped according to mixed ability. Many of them can identify numbers up to 100. All the children in the group can count one on one materials. We are working on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

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This was a fun and engaging lesson. I was surprised when a few children suggested that we use a measuring tape and had to quickly come up with a story so that we could use non standard units of measure to measure the length of the table. I noticed how children worked together helped each other count and felt very proud of themselves, taking a photo on their iPad showing their findings.We had interesting ideas, comments and problems being shared.Predicting or thinking ahead for eg. One learner said, ”but that will take too long,” “Yeah! We’re almost done.” The children enjoyed the activity and I enjoyed watching them work out who was going to take the photo ad who was going to do the measuring. There was lots of laughter and excitement in our classroom as children worked towards completing the task.

After watching this lesson I realized that I forgot to ask the children to estimate how many ice blocks sticks would it take to measure the length of the table?” If I had done this then we could have compared our answers to estimations, however this will be something to note in the future or when doing this lesson with other groups. I need to introduce children to other ways of counting for example in 2’s 5’s 10’s and set up activities where they count by grouping. For example - count the beans in the jar, how many shoes in the shelf today, how many coins in the money box?

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Share my mathematical thinking to my group by “Measuring the length of the table?” Find a way to measure the length of the table using equipment/materials/counters found in our classroom.

Measurement- Length

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Area with squares

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