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The learning intention for this lesson was for learners to use a grid, pictures, images and the Bee Bots (supplied by OMG Tech) as a resource, to help the bee get safely back to the beehive. The video shows a guided lesson with the whole class. Students use their decomposition skills to break down simple non-computerised tasks into precise step-by-step instructions (algorithmic thinking). They give these instructions, identify any errors in them as they are followed, and correct them (simple debugging).

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This was an amazing lesson. It was different and a new experience for both the children and myself. I was a bit nervous creating this video using all the children present that day. It turned out to be a fantastic lesson for us, lots of learning and creative thinking using our inquiry focus topic as a context for problem solving. This was an excellent idea as children already had a bank of knowledge they could access. The learners enjoyed the game using images but using Bee Bots was a treasure and a big hit. Initially we had very little conversation but I guess that was expected when trying out something new for the first time. I had planned to use only the images in this lesson, however after watching the level of engagement I decided to bring the Bee Bots in that lesson and this it took the lesson to another level.During the course of the week as learners used the Bee Bots and sometimes only the visuals I heard the conversations and the language, their thinking and using short -cuts. Through play they discovered how to delete a command and give specific commands to make the bee bot move to the desired location. The learners figured out stuff that I found tricky. The funny thing is that they would move images like the bear, pond, spray just so that the Bee Bot would crash into it. This then led to another discussion on what would happen in reality.

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  • Use a grid, pictures, images and the Bee Bots (supplied by OMG Tech) as a resource, to help the bee get safely back to the beehive

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Attribution to Trish Hockly, Helen Squires, Viola Mason and Susan Dwyer.

Attribution to Viola Mason

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