Reading Lesson Term 1 Week 5- UV-123.mp4

Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to point and match the words as we read/say them (one to one matching of spoken and printed words)

I have used Dr. Gwenneth Phillips Literacy Programme (Picking up the pace, First chance) for teaching guided reading.

The video shows a guided reading session with 3 children in a group. They are reading a Magenta 2, Level 2 PM reader.

Extended plan here.


I am very pleased with this lesson. I can see that the children are growing in confidence as they learn more words and know they can read them. They can confidently point to each word as they read them. They using meaning and visual cues(letter sound knowledge) to read text. They also look at the pictures in their reader to support them read unknown words. One of the students self corrected herself after I prompted her saying”you know that word.” I decided to work on the word ‘are’ because of earlier confusions in reading and writing with the words ‘a , are.’ It is great to see that learners are attempting and willing give it go (take a risk.) I am hoping to move this group up a level within a few weeks.

Class Site Content


  • We are learning to point to each word as we read it.

Explain Everything Activity:(EE)

  • Use the magnetic letters to make the word 'are' ( focus word). Take a photo of the word you made using the camera within the EE project. Copy the word you made using a variety of colours.

  • The teacher writes the word 'are' and students copy over the word using lots of colours(rainbow colours)

  • The children take photo's of the fruit and vegetables that they read in the reader. Each photo is taken on a new page. The children read the sentences and record themselves reading the sentences to match the pictures.

The project ' In the trolley' was created by Michelle George.

Learner Generated Content