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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to review journal articles and stories.

The new learning in the lesson was to focus on writing a review for their journal article or story, however it was an extension aspect to a task that they were already familiar with. The main part of the task was to read their text aloud, while recording themselves using Screencastify and their webcam.

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What I like about this lesson is that it forces the students to read the text aloud in full, away from the teacher. Other than 'buddy reading' I have never been able to achieve this before. The review section of the task is designed to keep the students thinking about their journal story/ article while they read.

Things to note

This task was a follow up task that almost all my reading groups attempted throughout the class. However not every group was necessarily working on the same skill that week. This means that although the learning intention for this task was about reviewing the text (and reading aloud) the kids WALT (We Are Learning To) was different across each group for their guided session. This plan however is focussing only on this specific task.

Class Site Content

Walt: to review what we have read.


  1. Listen to the teachers instructions.

  2. Read a story or article from a journal in your book box.

  3. Complete the Review task

    • Record yourself reading your journal story using Screencastify.

    • Add the recording to your template

    • Complete the review using the template

    • Don't forget to add a STAR rating

4. Complete the Synonyms task


Screencastify & Review


Synonyms - Help

Learner Generated Content




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