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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to understand the difficulty of a text. The idea is that the kids will learn to assess whether a novel is at their reading level or not, and therefore will be more likely to enjoy a book. In this lesson the kids finally gained access to the class library shelf that I have been putting together over the term, and using their very own book marks that they have designed previously.

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The group on video was pretty easy and fun. They were the first group up and so they had no trouble choosing a book, as no one else had chosen one yet. However the following groups were a bit trickier. I also had one issue where some of the kids were pretending to be able to read the texts so that they could read certain books.

Class Site Content

Walt: use the 5 finger reading test.


  1. Listen to the teachers instructions.

  2. Follow the "5 Finger Reading Test" when choosing your book.

  3. Put your book mark into your book with the name and photo sticking out.

Book Mark Template


Learner Generated Content

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