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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to create "pixel art" or "8-bit art". Basically it means creating an image in likeness of what you want to draw, but using limited pixels. In this video you see the instruction for the initial draft, as well as the practice with pencil and grid paper to make it real life.

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Lesson was enjoyed by the kids however the initial instruction needed to be more structured. By allowing the students to pick "anything" to draw and turn into pixel art, they ended up spending too much time looking at images, and not enough time practicing and experimenting.

Things to note

There were two parts to this lesson. The first part was the initial introduction and experimenting on the online platform, the second part was a few days later with pencil and grid paper.

Class Site Content

Walt: to create pixel art.


  1. Listen to the teachers instructions.

  2. Experiment with the Make 8-Bit Art website.

  3. Choose your design and post on your blog.

  4. Copy your design onto grid paper using a pencil.


Learner Generated Content

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