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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to create a character, and to write that character into different situations (with the intention of acting it out later in drama exercise).

The students took a selfie and used .png images to create a 'disguise' for themselves. We took turns acting as our characters in different situations, and then reading our own scripts with a buddy.

Extended plan here


As you can see in the video the students really enjoyed this task. Unfortunately however, the initial part of the task using the .png images to create a 'disguise' was a really good "time waster" and many students did not finish the extension part of the task - which in hindsight was the most exciting part.

Things to note

.png images are simply a file type that hold a transparent background, and therefore overlay on top of new images.

Class Site Content

Walt: create our own characters in a dramatic situation scene.


    • Listen to your teachers instructions.

    • Using Free to use images (.PNG) create a disguise for your selfie.

        • This Disguise will act as your character you are going to play.

    • Create a bio and character description.

    • Write your character in some different scenes within the presentation. Think about how your character will stay consistent across all of those scenes.


    • Perform with a buddy using screencastify to capture yourself on webcam.


Disguise v1


Disguise v2



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